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Boudoir Photography Photoshoot 3/31/10

I recently met one of the sweetest girls I have ever shot with, Her name is Kristina.  She came in with a huge smile and an anxious desire to be all glammed up. She is a bride to be and glowing!  She was already gorgeous with her exotic look and pretty Hazel eyes! As  Tara Alexander, my hairstylist & I started to glam her up for her first look, Kristina reached over to her bag and asked for a shot! LOL, She had a small bottle of Vodka, well most girls drink wine or some bubbly Kristina was down for the Vodka.  That seriously cracked me up, she needed to ease her nervousness so I handed her a shot glass full with a smile and off we went to the first set! Here are a few of the shots from the 1st outfit. Her first look we were going for Romantic!

We wanted to amp her look up a little bit and give her a more glamourous look so we bronzed her up and changed the hair a little and switched outfits.. what do you think?

Now Kristina was about to get Vamped up into a modern day pinup girl so you can guess what happened she took another shot and ate a yummy cupcake now at that point I wash wishing it was me eating that yummy treat but I had work to do…haha.   I was doing my best to make sure Kristina has  a great time, I think I had her laughing through the whole shoot, I can be pretty funny sometimes  😉

So on to the hair & makeup change.  I gave her smokey eyes and a glossed lip while Tara made her hair full & sexy.  She went to change and out Kristina came,can we say MAXIM MODEL!  CHECK THIS OUT!

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